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Reliable 24/7 Call Recording

Call recording is essential for any organisation, it provides undisputed facts about calls resulting in effective dispute resolution, improved customer service and help for tele-sales staff in raising their game.

What makes your top performers so successful ? Listening to how they work can help pinpoint the sales methods that make all the difference.

Benefits of the KSS Call Recording Solution

  • Fully compliance ready
  • Resolve disputes 'Know what was said'
  • Improve training by listening to 'good' and 'bad' calls
  • Find and list calls using keyword search
  • Export and Archive calls in the background
  • Ensure confidentiality using recording rules

Easy Playback

Being able to record a call is vital but having an effective search and playback system is equally important. Using the KSS call playback allows you to search for calls by time & date, extension or callers number. The Notes facility allows you to add notes and keywords to a call on completion and this makes finding the calls even easier.

Fast Visual Analysis
Having found the call a single click will playback the contents. The powerful dual channel waveform display* seperates out the two parties of the call so you can quickly isolate key areas.
A simple mouse action allows you to select any part of the call and play it back instantly.

Save your selection by adding it to a list of soundclips. Soundclips are a great way of pulling together all the useful parts of a call. They can be played back individually and exported to wave files if required.

*not all features are available with the KSS essentials products

Staff Training
Training new staff to become effective is a major pull on resources. Using call recording as a means of demonstrating how to handle calls correctly saves huge amounts of time. You can select examples of calls which were effective, practice call scenarios and have staff perfect their own performance and presentation.

Bulk Export
Multiple Calls and soundclips can be exported to wave files in one go by simply selecting the items of interest and clicking export. The export process will execute in the background allowing you to continue working uninterrupted.

KSS Call recording can help your organisation in acheiving compliance and protect you against legal actions.

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